1. Estonia 100 Cup is for horses 3 years and older.
  2. Estonia 100 Cup will start 5th May. Distance and first place price money is presented table below.
  3. Maximum 12 horses can participate in the race. Horses who have highest price money from last 5 races can participate in the race. If some horses have equal price money from last 5 races then the fastest time from last 5 races decides which horse can paricipate in the race. Registration ends Thursday 11.00 week before the race 
    1. Horses will get points from the races. Point system is 10-7-5-4-3-2-1-1-1-1-1-1. Horse who does not end correctly the race by the rule book do not get points. 
    2. Top 3 horses will automatically qualify to the next Estonia 100 Cup race if they want to paricipate in the race (Registration required)
    3. If there are less than 5 horses in the races no Estonia 100 Cup points will be awarded. Just a regular race.
  4. Estonia 100 Cup Final will take place 8th September. Maximum 8 horses can participate in the final.
  5. If there is a tie between in horses to qualify final then the decider is 
    1. A – best time in EV 100 Cup races 
    2. B – most wins in EV 100 Cup 
    3. C – price money winnings in EV 100 Cup 
    4. D – all price money winnings 
    5. E – draw
  6. Before the final all points are set to zero. Cup standing top 8 horses will qualify to the final.
  7. Final will take place 8th September. There are two races in the final (1600m+2100m both autostarts). First race starting place is selected by trainer/driver. Cup Standing leader will pick first and etc. Second race starting places is selected by the results of the first race. First race winner will pick the starting place and etc.
  8. EV100 Cup winner is the horses who have best summarized time (first race time+second race time). If there is a tie between the horses then the decider is:
    1. A – best place during two final races
    2. B – best place in the second race
  9. All the horses will get price money in the final if they end the race by the rule book. (Disqualifed horses do not get price money)
  10. Cases which are not mentioned above nor Estonian trotting rules and regulations will be decided by the organizer (MTÜ Tallinna Hipodroom)